Black Lives Matter Gear | Art by Saiyana Suzumura

The South Shore PTSA is proud to serve the community of South Shore PK-8 where 44.6% of our students identify as Black/African American. The Black Lives Matter movement is near and dear to our hearts, and we want to show our pride.  

South Shore student alumni, Saiyana Suzumura has created this beautiful design for our new gear.

Here’s what she has to say about Black Lives Matter:

Black lives matter is the minimum.”

Matter is the minimum, to exist is the minimum. All Black people are beautiful, are valued, are loved and just want to live. To be for Black people is a lifestyle, not a moment or a trend.

A bit more about Saiyana:

"My name is Saiyana Suzumura, I reside in Rainier Beach. I’m nineteen years old, I am a self taught artist. The art I create is a reflection of me, my style has evolved over the course of nineteen years. I used to always and only draw anime (a Japanese style of animation) and my mom would always ask me why I never drew black people and it was because I just never had reference to black anime characters, you don’t really see them in anime, and when you do they are not even portrayed correctly. I began to draw more realistic looking self portraits. One day after drawing one of my friends, I just began to draw all kinds of black women, and black people in general, amongst other ethnics who are not portrayed beautifully in this society, but I want to capture the beauty of black beauty and love in my art. Since drawing with my new-found style I’ve explored other ways of communicating social awareness through my drawings and paintings. I want my art to empower my people."

You can follow Saiyana on Instagram: @yana.mura

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