Tomorrow Dec 10: General Meeting

“It’s not about what you ‘should’ do. It’s about what you can do.”

Tuesday, December 10 6-8pm

If you’ve come to a PTSA Board Meeting, General Membership Meeting, or sponsored event this year, you’ve heard this mantra connected to any communication about volunteer opportunities. The reality is we’re all doing the best we can. All our lives are complicated and full in their own way and each of us are doing the best we can for our children, school and community. Whether that means we work more than one job to make sure our family is taken care of; take time to deal with challenges in our own lives; share financially with organizations that serve our community; or share time with causes that call to us for whatever reason, all that we do is equally valuable.

Those of us who share our time and/or finances with the South Shore PTSA do so because we’re committed to building equitable community; advocating for equity; and fundraising as a bridge towards equity. It would be tempting at this point to say something along the lines of “We need your help” but it’s really simpler than that. It’s very simple math. We can do more of this good work when more people are able to share their time and monies.

Tomorrow evening (12/10), the PTSA General Meeting will be taking place from 6-8pm in the South Shore Rotunda. In addition to hearing from our scholar participants in a great program called We.APP (a Seattle-based program that cultivates leadership through writing, speaking, and presenting) and getting a little business done, we’re also going to have time to hear about some of the ways we can help support the mission of the South Shore PTSA.

So, come have a bite to eat and spend some time with others who care about this school. Maybe something you hear will call out to you. Maybe you’ll recognize something you can offer. Maybe someone will simply get to know you just a little bit better. Regardless, know you and whatever you can share are welcome.

“It’s not about what you ‘should’ do. It’s about what you can do.”

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