PTSA General Meeting tomorrow 2/11

Good morning! A reminder that tomorrow night (6-8pm. Childcare is provided) is the General Membership meeting from the PTSA! In addition to some of the recurring items, the Board has a couple specific items for the meeting regarding the sound system conversation and a recommendation for similar budget conversations from this point on. We also started a conversation about our mission and ask for a vote regarding this work, too.

The total cost for the sound system will be $6255. We have a budget line and a designated fund for the musical and the board voted to use the full $1000 from the budgeted line and $2000 from the designated fund. The Board made a motion to recommend that the Membership increases the income goal for the auction by $3255 to cover the difference.

The Board had further conversation about our general understanding of the school's budget and our role in supplementing it. We recognized that we didn't know as much about the school's budget as we should in order to be good partners in helping bridge some of the equity gaps within our school and between schools. To that end, we ask for a vote from the body to take the time to affirm a budgeting process that has a full awareness of the school's budget and has, as its goal, to positively affect the greatest interest of all South Shore students. We further suggest that revisions to the budget are only made in the case of emergencies or matters deemed by the Membership to be urgent.

Finally, the board began work on the South Shore PTSA Mission Statement. After discussion, it was decided to discuss the development of a new mission statement with the Membership on 2/11 to ask for interest and involvement from members in this process. Thanks, all! We look forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

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