Note from PTSA Presidents | General Meeting - Jan 14

Happy New Year!

You may have noticed that we’re trying something different with PTSA (Parent, Teacher, Student Association) meeting times this school year. Instead of having meetings only in the evening on the 2nd Tuesday of the month, we’re alternating between having the meeting right after school and in the evenings. An easy way to remember it is that in odd numbered months the meeting is in the afternoon (at 2:30) and in even numbered months the meeting is in the evening (starting with a light meal at 6pm). There will be activities for kids at both.

The next meeting will be after school on January 14th. Add to calendar

There’s a few different reasons we’re giving this a try:

● We’ve heard from parents that the evening meetings don’t always work with work for family schedules. The New York State and California Regional PTA offices recommended to their local chapters that they consider switching to this schedule and it lead to greater - and more diverse - parent engagement and participation. We’re seeing if we might have the same result, too.

● We’d heard from teachers that it’s hard to be at work all day, drive home, and then come back for an evening meeting. Over the next couple of years, we want to invite more teacher participation, so that we can be a more effective partner. Our hope is that this change will be one small thing that could help.

● We also want students’ input and involvement. Out of convenience for the scholars of South Shore, we’re hoping that an after school meeting will help allow this to happen, too.

This is an experiment this year and we’ll see how it works. If you’re a parent, let us know how this schedule works for you. If you’re a teacher, please consider joining us as soon after school as you’re able. If you’re a student, come join us anytime and - if you have an idea how we might help you have a better school experience, let us know.

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