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Save the Date: PTSA General Meeting-- Tuesday, November 12th | 2:30-4pm (right after school. Childcare provided.)

We're trying an experiment!

In his role as South Shore Principal, Mr. Hendrickson has the privilege of meeting with several different South Shore groups every month. At each of these, he is able to share a report full of highlights and news about the South Shore community. The information is great, but there is so much to hear about that's it difficult to have significant time for questions or conversations afterwards. On top of that, a lot of the information is new to the hearers and there's not a lot of time for folks to think about it or talk with others before the conversation starts. 

So, for a few months, we're going to share what would be Mr. Hendrickson's report as a video on this blog. After that time, we'll evaluate it and see if using this method helps share the information in his report more widely and helps enrich the time of conversation and questions at the various meetings he attends. 

This truly is an experiment so we really want and need your feedback, questions or suggestions as we move forward. We know there will be some growing pains as we live into this, so your kind critiques are welcomed.

Here's the update!

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